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Thomas Guillaumont,

I'm a 23 year old man who works as a web designer and SEO. I use marketing tools to get websites to rank higher in search results. I am currently looking for international opportunities!

Who am I ? /about-me

Hi there! My name is Thomas Guillaumont. I'm 23 years old and I've been interested in the web world since I was little.

I love creating websites from scratch and working on digital projects. I've been learning the ropes of the digital world for years. I am a specialist in search engine optimisation (SEO), which is the process of helping websites to achieve better search engine rankings.

I am mainly a self-taught man who likes to share his discoveries and I have many interests and hobbies in life.

  • maker
  • english_speaker
  • traveler
thomas guillaumont

What can I do ? /services

01.Statistics Analysis

Analyze and understand the essential metrics of a website in order to conclude the best possible improvements.

02.Content Marketing

Design content that ranks on search engines like Google or Yandex with topics tailored to a particular audience.


Analyze competitors, track positions in real time, discover new keyword opportunities... In order to increase organic traffic.

04.Website Building

Create an efficient and operational website that meets the precise needs of a specification by optimizing all aspects.


Make a beautiful online store that efficiently converts visitors into customers with a simple order management system.

My skills

Here are the marketing tools and technologies that I master and use everyday.

  • wordpress
  • shopify
  • woocommerce
  • stripe
  • sendinblue
  • semrush
  • google analytics
  • ahrefs
  • majestic
  • google trends
  • keywords everywhere
  • html/css
  • php/sql
  • js/react
  • github
  • openai
  • bootstrap

My projects /work

Main Project
Marketing & SEO Blog

My main project on which I share my knowledge and advice in the form of informative articles with free marketing tools. I started this project at the beginning of my independent activity, as a gateway to the web.

Still today, thousands of visitors come to the site every month, subscribe to my mailing list and read my articles. Thanks to this site, I have learned a lot about the digital marketing world :-)

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SEO Suggests

Real and efficient long tail keyword generator in a few seconds.

AI Suggests

A.I. powered content and short text generator dedicated to SEO.

KW Trends

Find out the search intentions of the last 6 months for a keyword.

Creator Stack

A collection of tools and solutions for building the web. Over 170 tools are listed.

301 Generator

Permanent redirections generator. Fill in the old and new URLs to get the code to copy in the htaccess.


A directory of the best resources dedicated to dropshippers. Can also be used to build an e-commerce with stock.


Get in touch /contact

I am actively looking for new work opportunities all over the world. Being young and very motivated, do not hesitate to send me a mail if my CV meets your expectations. I will answer you as soon as possible :-)

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